On Monday, May 11, the first drive-thru COVID-19 testing station opens in Almaty.

One of the driving forces that amazed the world with the number of checks is the on-the-fly check (check in the car) method. Drive-through test is a method where you can take a COVID-19 test while in your car. This method has become a typical model of measures to prevent the spread of the virus in Korea. Compared to existing diagnostic centers, the need for disinfection is less, so a quick check-up is possible and medical staff can change their protective clothing less often, which helps to compensate for the shortage of quarantine products.

When the driver opens the window and undergoes a medical examination, the contact surface with the medical staff is small, so it is safer. Also, the inspection time in the building would take more than 30 minutes, but here it is reduced to 10 minutes. This method is rated "FAST & SAFE" and "INOVATIVE" and is the benchmark in many countries such as the US and UK.

We expect that with fast and safe diagnostic checks, it will be possible to overcome the COVID-19 situation as soon as possible.

It will be possible to register for this testing by filling out a form on the website www.mpk.kz​​​​​​​